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I was born in Londonderry, Ireland but was brought to Chicago when small. I now live in a suburb of Chicago with my husband who is a Policeman and my 4 children. They range from 31-22 and only my youngest daughter lives at home while she finishes college to become a History teacher. I also have 3 grandchildren. Ages 12,3, and a 1 year old...all boys! I had a Ceramic Studio in my home for 18 years and taught classes. I also owned a store called The Crystal Goddess.  We sold jewelry, candles, cards, and one-of-a-kind metaphysical items. I was a life guard in Chicago when I was a teenager and got the nick name "Mermaid". I have my home loaded with so many Mermaid things...it's amazing! From statues, ornaments, paintings, cross stitching projects (finished and unfinished),  presents from my children and friends, all the way to vanity license plates on my car.  I LOVE Cross Stitch! Especially Mirabilia Mermaids....but I have a lot of Fairies and others too. Let's see...I have Mermaid of the Pearls (Finished), TOT Fairy (Finished),The Kiss, Fairy Moon, Sleeping Beauty (WIP), South Seas Mermaid,Fairy Idyll, MidSummer Nights Fairy, Titania, Waiting for Ships (Finished), Queen Mermaid, Deepest Love, Mediterranean Mermaid (WIP), Bluebeard's Mermaid, and Mermaid of Atlantis. It's almost like ...no...it IS an addiction!! I have so many to do that I already have "kitted up" but I always want more in my stash. I now discovered Chatelaine Mandalas. They are so beautiful ! The problem is the cost of the pattern, fabric, beads, and other embellishments is very high. But....when you finish even one , you have an Heirloom.   I have bought 2 Chatelaine patterns and kits. MM03 (I finished this beauty in less then a month) and Persian Iris Garden. These are more addicting and more beautiful then I ever imagined!! I am in LOVE with Chatelaine's and these 2 are just the start of some of the many designs I want to stitch in the future! Anyway, I hope to make many friends in this group! I have read almost all the posts you have left for others to admire and learn from . I think I have seen every one's photo's of projects. I am so grateful to so many of you who have inspired me to do some new projects.You guys have made on line shops VERY happy!! I have also discovered Silkweaver's and Crossed Wing Fabrics because of you! THANK YOU!!! I bought all the boring old fabric from my earlier buys and I am hoping I can learn to either dye it or trade or sell what I have and buy the beautiful new fabrics. Thank you!!!
Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Ceramics, Reading, Music...and more.
I love animals of all kinds but especially dogs. I have a 6 year old Beagle named Doggie P Woggit...or just Doggie. Some woman gave her to me when she was 8 weeks old because "the dog cries all night and pees in the house". OKKKKK. It has been a life changing thing. I had dogs my entire life (Afghan named Salome and a Golden Retreiver named Mojo) but this dog is like a 5th child. I never thought I would be one of those crazy "dog people" .....but...I have become one and I love it!
Favorite Music:
Led Zepplin, The Doors, Prince, AC DC, Van Halen, and so many other "Classic Rock" bands they are too hard to list. I love music of all kinds except for really twangy Country.
Favorite TV Shows:
My whole concept of watching TV changed when we got a DVR from our cable company! I can record 4 shows at the same time. Because of this , I try to set everything up ,record, and then we can watch our favorites without having to watch commercials. I usually like any shows that are on HBO and Showtime like: True Blood Dexter On regular TV: Breaking Bad MadMen Walking Dead Damages Supernatural House Vampire Diaries
Favorite Books:
Charlaine Harris books all of the ones in her Sothern Vampire series which is what the TV show " True Blood" is based on. Stephen King books my favorite book by him is "The Stand". James Patterson books Laurel K Hamilton books but only the 1st 6 or 7 in her Necromancer series. She then started writing weird sexual adventures, stopped for 1 book, then proceeded to write porn. She had such a good story line till she decided to make the books about kinky sex. Critics and fans...or ex fans can't make her exclude the filth, so instead of HBO making a series about her heroine, they went with Charlaine Harris and her heroine Sookie Stackhouse. :)

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